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Providing the information you need to,

make the most of your LOCUM LIFE

The Locum Guide

All the information you need to get started; from joining agencies to getting the right indemnity

Locum Agencies & Self Referral Bonus


Helping you navigate locum agencies and earn big bonuses when you refer yourself to them



Providing you the information you need to complete your yearly appraisal with little effort

Tax & Expenses

A quick and easy guide to save you loads of money from the tax man and lots more useful tips!

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Welcome to The Locum Clinic

Hi, I’m Dr V.

When I first started locuming, I found getting the information I needed to make the most of my time really hard to come by. In addition, as the locum scene is rapidly changing and evolving, most of the information I did find was out of date. 

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my very own guide to hospital locuming-The Locum Life. I have tried to include all the things I was looking for when I first started. If you are starting out or have some locuming experience, I hope this helps and gives you the confidence to take advantage of what can be an exciting and rewarding journey.


Locum clinic

Qualified Doctors

Giving you advise on how to make the most of your time as a Locum doctor.


Helping you complete and pass your appraisal in as little time as possible

Saving You Money

From information on claiming tax relief to agency referral bonuses and locum discounts.

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